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Accommodation Details
Accommodation Details

Noise Impact Assessment

When assessing noise impacts upon a boarding house, motel, hotel or resort it is important to note that a Noise Impact Assessment that has been prepared to meet statutory requirements may not automatically mean that a high level of amenity will be achieved for future guests. For example, road traffic noise levels are typically higher during the daytime with peak periods occurring in the morning and afternoon before dropping off during the night-time. Noise Impact Assessments only need to show that sleep disturbance will not be a problem during the night-time period between 10:00pm and 6:00am. A design based upon night-time noise exposure levels will mean that sleep disturbance of guests is likely to occur during the daytime and evening, which may not suit the requirements of the venue operator. It is therefore important that the desired level of acoustic amenity along with the operator's requirements are considered as early as possible in the design process.

Quality in Design

Quality in design means more than designing buildings to mitigate intruding noise from external sources. Internal noise transfer (both airborne and structureborne) must be minimised to ensure that guests are not disturbed during their stay. In addition, care is required during the mechanical services design to ensure that air-conditioning noise is not too loud. In many instances where a ducted system is used this does not occur due to the supply and return air paths being too short for adequate ductborne noise attenuation from the fan coil unit.

Our Experience

The Director of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers, Michael Hayne, has prepared noise impact assessments and provided architectural and building acoustics design services for a number of accommodation projects, including:

  • Emporium Hotel, Fortitude Valley
  • Sheraton Noosa Resort, Noosa Heads
  • Noosa Heads Motel, Noosa Heads
  • Peppers Beach Club, Port Douglas
  • Waldorf Astoria Resort, Bali
  • Swissotel Bali, Bali
  • Boarding House, Bondi
  • Mary River Motor Inn, Gympie

A list of Michael's accommodation project experience can be downloaded here.

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