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Aged Care Details
Aged Care Details
Aged Care Details

National Construction Code

In Australia, the National Construction Code contains minimum performance standards for aged care facilities. However, these performance standards only cover sole-occupancy units and do not provide guidance on the acoustic design of communal areas such as dining rooms and lounges and support areas used by staff. An acoustic engineer is required to provide an integrated acoustic design for aged and community care facilities that considers both the architectural requirements and building services design. In many instances where a higher level of acoustic amenity is required, the minimum standards contained in the National Construction Code are inadequate.

Dementia Care Facilities

Contrary to what is believed by many people, the acoustic design of dementia care facilities is different to that of aged care facilities. The level of cumulative noise exposure experienced by a person with dementia has been shown to correlate with the level of agitation they experience. This in turn impacts upon their ability to function independently and adversely affects patient outcomes.

Our Experience

The acoustic design of aged and community care facilities is a particular interest of Michael Hayne, the Director of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers. In addition to being the Principal Acoustic Engineer on multiple aged care projects, Michael has conducted research into the acoustic design of dementia care facilities and presented the results at a major international conference. Some of Michael's experience includes:

  • Regis Hollywood Aged Care Facility Stage 1, Nedlands
  • Glenbrook Residential Aged Care Facility, Nambour
  • Garden City Retirement Home Extension, Upper Mt Gravatt
  • The Village Coorparoo Stage 3, Coorparoo
  • Westhaven Retirement Village Independent Living Units, Toowoomba

A comprehensive list of Michael's health and aged care project experience can be downloaded here.

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