Commercial Details
Commercial Details
Commercial Details

Building Design

The acoustic quality of a commercial building is one of the main factors that makes the building attractive to prospective tenants. To be successful and satisfy sustainability requirements the building facade must adequately attenuate external noise sources and the background noise level due to services must not be too high or too low. External plant and equipment as well as internal plant rooms need to be designed to ensure that both airborne noise and structural vibration are mitigated. Poor acoustic design and installation of building services is one of the biggest complaint triggers in commercial buildings.

Tenancy Fit-Outs

The acoustic environment within a tenancy can have a huge impact upon the productivity and morale of staff. A tenancy that is noisy will result in distractions to staff trying to complete their work. It is important to note that the acoustic design of a tenancy is specific to that building and that a design used successfully in one building may not be successful in another building. When designing a tenancy the level of acoustic privacy that is achieved depends upon the activities being conducted in the source room, the sensitivity of activities being conducted in the receiving room to intruding noise, the background noise level within the space and the sound reduction performance of the intervening building structure and services. It requires the specialist knowledge of an acoustic engineer to take these factors into account when designing a tenancy.

Our Experience

The Director of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers, Michael Hayne, has extensive experience in the noise impact assessment and acoustic design of commercial buildings and tenancies, including:

  • 310 Ann Street, Brisbane
  • 11 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead
  • Kings Square 4, Perth
  • 130 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages Tenancy, 180 Ann Street, Brisbane
  • ANZ Tenancy, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane
  • Accenture Tenancy, 400 George Street, Brisbane

A comprehensive list of Michael's commercial and retail project experience can be downloaded here.

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