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Industrial Details
Industrial Details

Noise Impact Assessment

The assessment of noise impacts from industrial uses is one of the most difficult tasks undertaken by acousticians. While modelling software utilises methodologies presented in international standards to propagate noise, experience is required to accurately determine what the source sound power levels are for individual items of plant and machinery. If the source levels are too high, expensive noise attenuation measures and restrictions may be implemented that are not necessary. Conversely, if the source levels are too low, random compliance checks may find that the use exceeds allowable noise emission limits. To minimise risks it is therefore critical to use an experienced acoustic engineer to prepare noise impact assessments.

Noise Control

Industrial noise control is sometimes counterintuitive to the inexperienced. Noise generated at a source can propagate via a number of mechanisms and radiate out as airborne noise at unlikely places. While it is easy to measure an annoying noise at the receiver and determine the amount of noise reduction required, to determine what the source of the noise is and what options exist to control it the expertise of an acoustic engineer is recommended. SoundBASE Consulting Engineers aim to provide independent advice that allows our clients to make informed decisions regarding potentially expensive noise control measures.

Our Experience

The Director of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers, Michael Hayne, has prepared noise impact assessments for industrial developments and provided noise control design advice for a number of projects, including:

  • Carwash Facility, Mackay
  • Chicken Farm, Gleneagle
  • Quarry Extension, Dayboro Road, Whiteside
  • Service Station and McDonald's Restaurant, Wishart
  • Vehicle Sales and Service, Toowong
  • Waste Transfer Station, Ferny Grove
  • Wood Preservation Works and Beam Plant, Somersby
  • Smoke Exhaust Fan Upgrades, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
  • M1 Cut-Off Saw, Smorgan Steel Tube Mills, Acacia Ridge
  • Mulch Production Facility, Hervey Bay

A detailed list of Michael's industrial project experience can be downloaded here.

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