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Who are we?

SoundBASE Consulting Engineers are located in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in January 2018, SoundBASE Consulting Engineers builds upon the years of experience gained by Michael Hayne working as a full-time specialist acoustic engineer and lecturer to engineering, construction management and architectural students at university. Utilising the latest instrumentation and software, SoundBASE Consulting Engineers provide professional acoustic engineering services to developers, architects, contractors, town planners, builders, government, facility managers, members of the public and other engineers.

Key staff
Key staff

The Principal and Managing Director of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd is Michael Hayne PhD(Aero) BEng(Mech)(Hons) BBus(Mktg) CPEng RPEQ NER MIEAust MAAS. Michael commenced his career as an acoustic engineer in April 2004 at Ron Rumble and its successor Ron Rumble Renzo Tonin. Between April 2012 and August 2017 he worked at Floth Sustainable Building Consultants as their Principal Acoustic Engineer, being responsible for their acoustic engineering section in Australia and Indonesia.

During his career as an acoustic engineer Michael has worked on projects located in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. In addition to his consultancy work Michael is a lecturer and tutor for MECH3250 Engineering Acoustics at The University of Queensland. Michael is an active member of the Australian Acoustical Society and is currently the Chairperson of the Queensland Division Committee, Federal Councillor and Federal Treasurer of the Society.

Our mission
our mission

The mission of SoundBASE Consulting Engineers is to provide our clients with acoustic engineering advice that is timely, accurate and understandable by non-engineers, while incorporating the elements of buildability and flexibility into our design solutions.

To achieve this SoundBASE Consulting Engineers have invested in their own Class 1 sound level meters, noise loggers, field calibrators and sound sources to reduce reliance on third parties and ensure the quality of our instrumentation and measurements. SoundBASE Consulting Engineers utilises industry standard software such as Insul, Zorba and SoundPLAN to ensure that our analysis and reporting is based upon proven methodologies and is accepted by statutory authorities in Australia and overseas.

Our vision
our vision

Our vision is to continue to build upon the experience and knowledge base gained by SoundBASE Consulting Engineers to demonstrate to current and future clients the benefits of properly engineered acoustic design solutions.

To accomplish this SoundBASE Consulting Engineers will continue to partner with other engineers, suppliers and universities to facilitate research and development into improving the general understanding of acoustics, noise prediction methodologies and noise control.

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