Private Homeowner Acoustic Design

Service Details

It can be stressful for a homeowner when faced with an acoustic problem that needs to be solved. While an Internet search might suggest a solution to an acoustic problem, frequently the homeowner is confronted with conflicting advice from different sources, with no way of knowing which solution is best. To save money and reduce stress, SoundBASE Consulting Engineers can provide independent advice regarding what the most effective solution is, suggest alternative solutions for consideration and provide details to homeowners, builders and/or architects for product procurement and/or construction. Some of the acoustic design problems we have solved for homeowners include:

Service Details
  • Control of intruding traffic noise
  • Control of intruding aircraft noise
  • Control of intruding rail noise
  • Airborne sound separation between spaces
  • Impact isolation of hard flooring
  • Control of air-conditioning condenser noise emissions
  • Mitigation of pool pump noise
  • Design of media rooms
  • Design of music practice rooms
  • Design of home recording studios

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