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The development of a new product can be very time consuming, expensive and stressful, as there is no guarantee that the product will be successful in the marketplace to return your investment. With a long-established interest in research and marketing, SoundBASE Consulting Engineers can work with you to reduce the uncertainty surrounding acoustic product development. With access to acoustic textbooks (our own in-house library consists of more than 50 specialist texts), published research articles, journals and theses and our track record in research, we can provide a sound knowledgebase to aid in the development of your product.

When developing a new product, it is important to ensure marketing literature exists that contains the technical information needed by design professionals when preparing an acoustic design. There is no use developing a new product if you do not have an effective way to reach specifiers and/or present incorrect technical information. SoundBASE Consulting Engineers can advise on what information is required by acousticians and what options exist to cultivate brand recognition with acousticians in Australia.

Service Details

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