RPEQ Design and Verification

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The question whether your acoustic consultant is adequately qualified can only be answered if the person is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). Engineers who have RPEQ accreditation must meet and maintain minimum competency requirements in their area of engineering as per the "Professional Engineers Act 2002 (QLD)". This provides peace of mind knowing that RPEQ engineers are suitably qualified and are legally responsible for the work they conduct. RPEQ engineers can provide alternative solutions for Queensland Development Code "MP4.4 Buildings in a Transport Corridor". Additionally, RPEQ sign-off is required for work conducted for the Department of Transport and Main Roads and many local authorities in Queensland request RPEQ sign-off for acoustic design certifications and inspections. If your acoustic consultant is not an RPEQ you may find your project is unable to certified at completion.

Service Details

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